My name is Louisa Rogers from a little village close to the Colorado border, for Christmas 2017 I came to spend three months with my daughter and her family. She would get up every morning and go to Everybody Fitness gym and exercise, come back with all kinds of energy and would tell me “you and dad should go with me and start exercising”. I was hesitant because I had stopped exercising when I turned 70 and was diagnosed with asthma/COPD and being that I am now 73 I was sure my muscles had atrophied and I really don’t like smelly gyms. I could no longer put on my pants, socks and tie my shoes without sitting. My balance was off and my posture was bad. I walked like I had the weight of the world on my shoulders.

To humor my daughter I decided to go work out with her. The trainer was nonthreatening and easy to talk to she asked me what I wanted to accomplish and I told her my legs and arms are week I need to start there. She gave me a routine that was specific to my needs. I started with lightweight exercise and have slowly worked my way to more aggressive exercise. I WAS HOOKED!

After 6 weeks three to four times a week for one hour I can now stand to put on my pants, I stand to put my socks and shoes. I have had no asthma attacks and I feel great, the mucus in my lungs is gone I don’t cough, my balance and posture is back. I learned about something called muscle memory they really hadn’t atrophied they were just waiting for me to wake them up.

The best thing is, I go to a little gym it’s not crowded you move at your own pace it’s open night or day when you finish you can sit in the sauna for a while and relax. It’s the best place to be if you want to stay healthy.

Thank you Everybody Fitness!